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Counseling/Guidance Office

Counseling is sometimes referred to as the art of helping people help themselves.  At Spaulding High School, we believe that an effective school counseling program is one that serves all students, is preventative in nature, has active staff involvement, provides crisis intervention, and offers short-term counseling.

Vision Statement

The SHS school counselors see and believe in each individual student’s ability to reach their utmost potential.  We communicate this belief to students through our unconditional acceptance, compassion, caring, and commitment to support each student during the course of their high school years (and sometimes beyond).  This support will be unwavering, regardless of a student’s socio-economic background, sexual orientation, family circumstances, failures or successes, individual challenges or conflicts, health issues or crises.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Spaulding High School Counseling program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental program designed to be an integral part of the school addressing the academic, emotional and social needs of our students. 

School Counselors are devoted to the promotion of well-being for all students and the encouragement of all students to be life-long learners.

College & Career Planning Resources

The SHS Counseling/Guidance Office provides a number of services to students who are looking to attend college or pursue a career following graduation.

Through various partnerships with local employers, the Central Vermont Career Center, and the Vermont Student Assistance Corp (VSAC); as well as our Work-Based Learning partners and Student Advisory, we help students develop - and implement - a course of study that will take them in the direction of their dreams.

Every Spaulding Student and parent has an account in Naviance, which provides a great deal of information about colleges, careers, and surveys that students can take to learn more about themselves. Click on the link to sign in to your Naviance account.

You can also access all of VSAC's college and career planning resources directly from VSAC by clicking here:  VSAC

Learn more about our College & Career Planning partnership with VSAC by clicking on this link:  Future Planning Resources