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Start With a Dream...Finish With a Future.

FUTURE PLANNING FOR CLASS OF 2022: Resources and Information

With so much uncertainty in the world, we can understand it may be hard to think about your future.  But, guess what?  Now is the perfect time to think about your future.  Planning for your future may give you hope, and something to focus on.  Check out the resources below to get started, or to continue, your future planning.  (We will be sending out a mailing with all of these materials in July.)

  • Scoir - Spaulding High School is pleased to introduce a new system called SCOIR, which will help students and parents navigate the college selection and application process. This new system is replacing Naviance. Students will soon be invited to create a SCOIR account and can then send an email invitation to parents/guardians that will link to the student’s account. This program is also designed to be a communication tool between student, parent, and School Counselor. Parents can view their student’s profile, see their college list, conduct their own college searches, and suggest colleges for their student to consider. SCOIR also provides students and parents with  financial tools that give a sense of the cost of attendance at various colleges during the selection process. We are excited to provide SCOIR to our students and families, and we feel confident that you will find it helpful and easy to use. 

Before you get started, please take a few moments to watch the brief videos below to help you become familiar with how to use SCOIR.

Parents/Guardians -

Students -

  • Senior Year Checklist:  See the attached Senior Year Checklist. This guide has been created to help SHS students and parents stay on track during the busy Senior year of high school.
  • Explore “Right Fit”:  There are so many types of postsecondary education options.  Explore what the right fit is for you.  Check out this video to learn more.  Read this one-pager to help you rank qualities that are important to you and then use this chart to help you sort through and rank specific programs.  This flow chart can also help you figure out the right fit for you. 
  • Keep Track of Training Programs/Schools:  Once you’ve identified schools and programs you want to apply for, use this chart to help you keep track of deadlines, letters of recommendations, test scores, etc.  
  • Additional College Fit Resources:  Check out the College ScorecardBig Future and College Navigator sites to help you learn more about specific schools and what schools might be right for you.
  • Go on a VIRTUAL COLLEGE AND TECHNICAL PROGRAM TOUR: Many colleges/technical training programs are offering virtual tours right now. These are also available through Scoir. Most college/technical program websites have a link to their virtual tours.  EDNavigators also has links to various types of virtual tours. 
  • Study for the SAT & ACT: Due to COVID, many colleges have changed to “test optional”, meaning that applicants will not be required to submit standardized scores to be considered for acceptance. We realize that some students will still want, or need, standardized test scores. During this uncertainty, the College Board has lots of free SAT prep materials and ACT has free ACT prep materials. Khan Academy also offers free test prep and online learning opportunities. Check out VSAC’s College and Career Pathways SAT/ACT video.   
  • Managing College Costs: watch this video to learn about managing college costs.
First page of the PDF file: Aspirations-5

Helpful Resources to Plan for College, a Career, or Life After High School

Use these resources to help you build, monitor, track, and plan your journey to graduation and beyond.

Choosing Your Team

Try a Trade

Junior Year Checklist

Senior Year Checklist

College Admissions Checklist

College Comparison Chart

Making the Most of Your College Visit

Questions for the Admissions Interview