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Fall 2020 Information

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Update from the Superintendent

December 4, 2020

Dear BUUSD Community,

I have a short but important note for the community this week.  Let me again thank our families for all that they are doing while we are teaching in full-remote mode.  I realize this is challenging for families and students.  Teachers and students are having increasing success with remote learning but we know that it is not a substitute for in-person instruction.  Our sincere goal is to return BUUSD to hybrid instruction when we return from our winter break.  We are also planning steps across January and February to increase the amount of in-person instruction for Barre’s students.  

This will truly be a community effort.  I appreciate everyone who kept their Thanksgiving celebrations small and local.  All of us, students, families, and teachers will need to do the same over this holiday season so we can be ready to come back to the classroom.  It sets all of our work back when students and adults contract COVID-19 or even become a close contact with someone who has the virus.  We absolutely have the power to limit the effect of this virus on our schools.  I sincerely thank everyone who is working hard to help us return to the classroom where we all want to be.

With warmest regards,

David Wells

Current COVID-19 Cases in Vermont Schools


Suggestion Box

If you have any suggestions for Superintendent Wells on the reopening of school, please submit them below.  We value your input!

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