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November 30, 2020

Message from the Principal | Student & Parent Supports

Message from the Principal

We will be continuing our fully remote schedule, due to the current number of COVID cases within our school district and community. We do hope that we do not experience another spike in cases and that we will be able to resume in-person instruction on January 4th. In the meantime, we will be doing our best to provide learning experiences that continue student progress towards meeting standards. Below is the Fully Remote schedule:

  M T W T F
  All Students: Remote All Students: Remote All Students: Remote All Students: Remote All Students: Remote
7:35-9:00 Independent Work Time Independent Work Time 7:35-8:45
Work Time
Independent Work Time Independent Work Time

Advisory Check In (attendance required)

Advisory Check In (attendance required) 9:00-9:30
Advisory via Google Meet
(attendance required)
Advisory Check In (attendance required) Advisory Check In (attendance required)
9:20-10:20 Block 1 Block 1 Block 1 Block 1
10:25-11:25 Block 2 Block 2

9:30-11:30 Independent Work Time
Office Hours by teacher invite or student request

Block 2 Block 2
11:25-12:00 Lunch Lunch 11:30-12:00
Lunch Lunch
12:05-1:05 Block 3 Block 3 12:00-3:00
Independent Work Time
Flexible Pathways Meeting
Block 3 Block 3
1:10-2:10 Block 4 Block 4 Block 4 Block 4
2:25-3:05 AM Block AM Block AM Block AM Block

It is important to note that this past spring when we were thrust into teaching and learning remotely, was not the same as what is currently being offered. The experience in the spring was one where we were having to react to the situation, guidance recommended a few hours a day of learning and we had to rely upon students doing most work independently. Our remote learning now expects students to be engaged in at least 27.5 hours of learning per week, which means students should expect to be engaged in their learning for five to six hours per day. Learning will vary and may be through direct instruction via google meets, watching instructional videos, participating in discussion groups or completing learning tasks. The fully remote schedule is structured to help students organize their day around each of their classes. Teachers have the flexibility to schedule individual and small group meetings during their blocks, first thing in the morning and/or during AM Block (for those not already scheduled). However, it is most important that students virtually attend their classes, where instructions are given. Students are expected to be available for learning during regular school hours (7:35 - 3:05).

Please be safe, be well, and stay strong!

Student & Parent Supports

Students and adults need structure and consistency. It is strongly recommended that a regular schedule be maintained, a clear work place established and routines be formed. Routines might include exercise, recreational activities (from reading to shooting hoops) and/or family time. With so much time spent on electronic devices for educational purpose, it is important to incorporate activities that are not on devices and allow for physical movement.

Remote learning poses challenges for students, both academically and emotionally. Below are some helpful suggestions and resources:

Teachers are the best resources when asking about particular classes and/or learning tasks. School counselors are the best resources for questions related to schedules (next semester is just around the corner!) or for support with struggles with stress, anxiety and/or well-being. Do not hesitate to reach out to administration if there are questions about school in general. We are all here to help our students be successful.

The SHS main office is "open" from 9-2 Monday - Friday. During these times, we are managing phone inquiries, distributing materials and collecting materials that are dropped off by students and/or parents. There is also a materials space in the entry way for pick up and drop off when students and/or parents can not get to the office between 9 AM and 2 PM. Please call in advance to make sure the materials are left out for you. The office number is 476-4811 ext. 1125.

The SHS library continues to be a support for all students by not only providing access to books (including ebooks and audiobooks) but also providing research and writing support virtually. The SHS Library website has up-to-date digital resources that include databases, e-reference books, portals to current statistics, and even an area for creativity and mindfulness called the Library Lagoon. Christine Smith, our librarian, encourages students and parents to reach out to her on the website through "Ask the Librarian" or contact her at for a session on Google Meets for hands-on support.

Infinite Campus (IC) Assistance, Chromebooks & Technical Assistance: IC is our student information system and where progress report information and course grades can be found (assignments and standards may also be found here or in course Google Classroom). Parents and students can access IC through the Campus Edition.

For assistance, questions, concerns or support with chromebooks or IC, please contact Jan Trepanier via the following means: 479-6901, or In your message, please include student name, grade and a detailed description of the issues.

Teachers are the first resource for academic support. However, additional academic support is available through Tide Pool, our academic support center. Please contact Jim Willis at to arrange a time to get extra help in math. To access literacy support, fill out the SHS Literacy Support Request Form.

Additional academic support for class work can be accessed by filling out the SHS Academic Support Request Form. Students will be contacted directly. Please note that appointments should not be scheduled during times that classes are meeting.