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June 14, 2021

Message from the Principal | Graduation | Spaulding Summer School | Community Forum

Message from the Principal

This is our last week of classes. These last five student days will be busy with assessments, reassessments, projects, presentations, and the like. We want to thank all of our students and families for their resilience and tenacity through this difficult year. Helen Keller said, "although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." We will continue to overcome the challenges of this year into the near future, but together, we can and will.

Thursday, June 17th will be the last full day of school for students. The expectation is that students are attending classes on Thursday. If the student has already met proficiency requirements and does not need to attend for presentations or other class activities, the student may be exempt from attending, per the direction of the teacher. Students that need to remain on campus due to transportation will need to attend their exempt classes. Teachers will communicate with students about expectations for assessments/reassessments, final projects, presentations, or the like.

Friday, June 18th is Call Back. The expectation is that only students that are invited back for Call Back will attend. These are students that are close to meeting proficiency or the requirements for summer school. Teachers will message the students directly on Thursday to inform them that they are invited to attend Friday’s opportunity to improve their performance. The current schedule will still be followed and if students are needing to remain, due to transportation, they will be able to access the library during their non-required class(es).

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions to Brenda Waterhouse at Be safe, healthy, and stay Tide strong!


The SHS 2021 Graduation will be held on Saturday, June 26th. We will hold our ceremony on Pendo Field for all students, families, and community members to attend at 11 AM. Under the current guidelines, we will expect everyone in attendance to wear a face covering and guests should expect to bring their own chair, as the bleachers will not be available. If the state guidelines for schools change, we will update these expectations.

If there is inclement weather, we will hold the ceremony at 3 PM. If the inclement weather persists, the graduation ceremony will be moved inside. In anticipation of the guidance changing, we do expect that each senior will be able to include a small number of guests and only those with guest tickets will be admitted. Until the guidance is changed, however, we are uncertain as to how many guests each senior will be allowed.

Regardless of our ceremony being held on Pendo Field or in our auditorium, the ceremony will be streamed live and recorded. We are hoping for terrific weather so that we may all celebrate together.

Graduation practice will be held on Wednesday, June 23rd from 12:30 - 3:30 PM. This is required of all seniors participating in graduation. At the practice, seniors will receive their tickets for the potential indoor graduation.

Seniors are reminded to return books and materials, as well as pay any outstanding fees on or before June 23rd. Chromebooks (including case and charger) should also be returned or a payment of $10 should be made in order to purchase the Chromebook.

Spaulding Summer School

Spaulding Summer School


Spaulding High School will offer an expanded Summer School program in 2021. The program will run in two 10 day sessions: June 23rd-July 6th and July 12th-July 23rd. Each session will feature three sections that students may be eligible to access: Academic, Social Emotional Learning, and Orientation for Incoming Freshmen. A typical day will have three two-hour periods, so students may access up to three offerings per session, if applicable. The three two-hour periods will be: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM, and 1:00 PM-3:00 PM.

Academic sections will be offered to those students that were close to meeting proficiency but did not quite achieve that level in identified courses in the areas of English, history, mathematics, and science. The academic courses that will be offered are:

  • English - Freshman Humanities-English, Sophomore English, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Advanced World Mythology
  • History - U.S. History, Civics, Freshman Humanities-History
  • Mathematics - Algebra 1A, Algebra 1B, Geometry, Algebra 2, Connections
  • Science - Life Science, Physical Science, Forensic Science

Students will need to demonstrate proficiency in the standards that they have not yet met. Because these vary for students, it is important that students attend all of the sessions, as materials and lessons are specific for their needs and planned accordingly. Alicia Tosi ( and Ryan Dunlea ( are the coordinators and will be communicating with students and parents about eligibility for the summer programs.

The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) section will include individual student counseling. Referrals will be made by school counselors. The SEL coordinator, Anna Ryan (, will be reaching out to those students and parents to set up appointments, which will be virtual and held throughout the summer break.

Incoming students will be invited for a two-hour orientation and tour. Parents are encouraged to participate in the orientation session. These will be scheduled over the course of the four-week period. Jim Ferland (, Assistant Principal, will be reaching out to students and parents about scheduling a time. These orientation sessions will be in small groups and allow time for question and answer session.

Students should bring a water bottle and food to be eaten during breaks outside. The cafeteria will be open and can provide breakfast and lunch as needed. If a student misses three meetings without letting the appropriate coordinator know in advance (see contact list), they will be dropped from summer school. The first absence will result in an email from the school. Subsequent absences will result in a phone call from the school. Attendance is critical for student success. The academic summer programs are not available remotely.

Questions about any of the summer programs can be sent to the individual coordinators or Brenda Waterhouse at

Community Forum

Wednesday, June 16th will be our last community forum for the 2020-2021 school year. The topic for the forum will be about forming a Booster Club in support of our athletic and co-curricular activities. The meeting will be held in person at 5:30, outside the cafeteria.

If you can not attend or have questions, please contact Jim Ferland at