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COVID-19 Communications from Mrs. Waterhouse

July 27, 2020

A Message from the Principal Fall SportsWelcome to the Class of 2024! |
Reserved Student Parking | Infinite Campus Log In Support

A Message from the Principal

I hope that all are safe and keeping cool during this very muggy summer! We are definitely working hard to plan for this coming fall. We continue to monitor updates and guidance from the CDC, governor and the Agency of Education, and use this guidance to plan for our return to school. Spaulding High School and Barre Unified Union School District (BUUSD) are working to reopen our campuses for the 2020-2021 school year with significant safety measures in place. Our goal is the safe return of as many students as possible to in-person school to maximize learning and address our students’ social-emotional and educational needs. We know that the quality of instruction can not fully be replicated in a remote plan, but we will be required to have a hybrid schedule that includes face to face as well as remote learning, as we are opening under Phase II guidelines. That said, our staff are hard at work to provide the best that we can through a hybrid schedule. The remote learning for this fall will be quite different from what was expected and experienced this previous spring. Students will be expected to participate in their learning, whether in person or remote, during regular school hours. Although there will be flexibility, the days will be much more outlined. Students will be expected to have approximately 30 hours of instruction and learning per week.

Along with a hybrid schedule, we are also working on safety procedures and expectations for any persons at the school. Currently, we are expecting all students and staff to be safety screened before entering the school. We will also be expecting all students and staff to wear approved face coverings. Other safety procedures around cleaning, social distancing and contact tracing are also being addressed in our planning.

We do expect to send out more detailed information about the schedule, learning plans and safety measures in the next two weeks. We know that this has been difficult for families to plan and prepare. We also know that any modifications to schedules cause further challenges for families. Our highest priority is for the safety of our school community, and trying to balance the complexities of education and family supports. These are challenging and we appreciate our families' support and flexibility. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Brenda Waterhouse at We are also building a FAQ resource that we will share.

Please continue to be safe!

Fall Sports

Currently, the VPA COVID-19 Task Force and the VPA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee are working on developing guidelines for the Fall 2020 season. Preseason will start on the scheduled first day of school. The VPA is focusing on how to safely support a Fall 2020 sports and activities season. They are reviewing all options in combination with the most current health and safety information and recommendations. If you have any questions please reach out to Natalie Soffen at SHS is allowing coaches to conduct summer in person training (all non contact) with a lot of guidelines. It is not mandatory for coaches to offer this and it is not mandatory for your child to participate in them if the coach chooses to offer trainings. Coaches that are currently offering in person are field hockey and football. Please feel to contact me or any of our coaches with any questions. Their contact information is on our school website

Welcome to the Class of 2024!

As we look forward, we want to welcome our incoming freshmen. Although we typically hold several transitional events, this year continues to have us find new ways to meet student needs. Thus far, I have met virtually via Google Meets with many freshmen, as well as parents and guardians. For those that I have not met with and would still like to schedule a time to meet, please sign up using our Pick-A-Time program, which is the same platform that we use for Parent-Teacher Conferences. You will need the information that is unique to each student that was emailed to families in late June. For assistance, please contact Beth Bicknell at

We will also have a freshman orientation on August 28th. Freshmen and their families will receive more detailed information in the next two weeks about scheduling for a time to tour the school, meet their teachers and have questions addressed.

All of our students and families will receive a mailing the first week of August, which will include schedules, forms and important information.

If parents have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Reserved Student Parking

SHS will again have reserved student parking spots on campus. We have a total of 142 spots reserved for SHS students. We have 77 returning students who had reserved spots and will have priority in keeping their spot or getting a new spot based on availability. Those students have been contacted and asked to set up a meeting with Mr. Ferland during the week of August 3rd, to maintain a reserved spot for this year. If students do not meet with Mr. Ferland to affirm their spot, the spot will be considered relinquished and open for others.

Mr. Ferland has sent out messaging regarding other students obtaining one of the remaining spots after August 7th, which will require students to schedule a meeting with Mr. Ferland between August 10th and the start of school.

The fee for a parking spot is $5.00 for the year. When students meet with Mr. Ferland they will need to have the fee and their license (to be photocopied), and they will need sign the SHS Parking Agreement. Please contact Jim Ferland at with any questions.

Infinite Campus Log In Support

We have had a number of inquiries about having difficulty with Infinite Campus (IC) log in. IC has been doing some updates, which may account for some of the difficulties. We also have not finalized our schedule, which a number of students and/or parents/guardians are trying to look at. The schedules will be available by the end of the week. All other access should be working at this time. If you need help with your log in, please contact Jan Trepanier at for support.