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Senior Information

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Senior Portrait Information

This is your Official Notice that Senior Portraits are due Friday, October 21, 2022 by 11:00 PM.

Portraits received after the deadline are not guaranteed to be included in the yearbook. Please note that our lists are based upon Guidance Records from Infinite Campus dated at the time of submission and names of students are flowed into the program.

We try to include all students who meet the eligibility requirements of being a Senior at the time of submission. We cannot foresee a student’s decision to graduate early after the deadline has passed. We cannot foresee changes in eligibility that may occur throughout the academic year. We also cannot not foresee students who may transfer from another school mid year.

Thus, often the community wants to know why students are in the book when they in fact did not graduate and/or are now eligible of being a member of the graduating class.

Local Photographers

You may contract with any  photographer in the local area, but do not wait until last minute to have your portrait taken because it takes time to process, develop, approve, and return your portrait back. Please make an appointment with them now in order to avoid any issues.  Note it is NOT a requirement to have your portrait taken by a professional photographer.  ​

Here is a list of photographers or organizations that we have worked closely over the years and have supported our community:

  • Private Photographer -  Sean Hood
  • Organizations - Beltrami Studios, Catamount Studios, McNamara Photography, & WigGoddess


Portrait must be a minimum of 120% in size at 300ppi and it must be directly uploaded onto the yearbook program.  A live link will be posted on the Main School Webpage for Seniors, parents, and photographers in September. 

When uploading the image, the program will requre the Senior's first and last name to be recorded accurately and include an email address for contact purposes.

Portraits that expose undergarments, midriffs, back, or cleavage will not be accepted and one’s face must be visible, so please have your photographer edit your portrait before submitting it to us. Our Echo and Administration have the discretion to reject any portraits that are deemed inappropriate and do not contribute to the learning environment. For further guidelines, please see the Parent/Student Handbook.

The yearbook staff will contact you if the plant has concerns about clarity and transferring onto the program, along with your academic standing. For yearbook purposes only, students may have their Senior portrait taken at NO Cost by the school photographer. If you are interested in this option, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can set up a schedule and contact Lifetouch in the Fall when school Retake Pictures are taken.

​Please note it is the responsibility of the student, his/her parent or guardian to upload his/her photo directly to the online program at Jostens unless he/she has had his/her photo taken by a professional photographer.

Friendly Reminders

We also strongly advise Seniors to check their school email, listen or read the school bulletin in regards to Senior Deadlines or events that pertain to Senior responsibilities.

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If you have further questions regarding Senior Portraits, ​please feel free to contact  Ms. LaFrancis at