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Mission Statement

picture of high school administrators putting on a show

Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

Spaulding High School community's mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and motivating environment to promote the best current methods of teaching and learning.

We value education and we offer it in a variety of ways to meet the needs of all students, enabling them to become respectful, responsible, knowledgeable, confident, healthy, and ethical global citizens. We are committed to ensuring that all students  receive the support necessary to achieve these goals and expectations.

We hold the following beliefs about learning:

  1. Students learn best by doing research, asking questions, using primary resources, and applying logic for a practical purpose.
  2. Initiative, persistence, and effort, mixed with independent and collaborative work, promote meaningful learning.
  3. Timely and meaningful feedback and assessment, between teachers and students, during and at the conclusion of units, ensures continuous learning and improvement.
  4. Course options, varied teaching methods, and active classes engage students and address multiple learning styles.
  5. Up-to-date school resources contribute to effective teaching and learning.
  6. Success is fostered by guidance in developing clear goals for life after high school.  Practical skills are essential for independent and productive living.
  7. SHS leaders model our values by being fair, firm, and consistent, while performing within the highest standards.
  8. Learning occurs best in an environment of order, equality, respect, and inspiration.

Learning expectations:

  1. Students will communicate effectively and creatively using oral and written languages, as well as a variety of media.
  2. Students will have a plan for life after high school and will be encouraged to pursue theirinterests and passions.
  3. Students will have access to and learn to use technology effectively and appropriately.
  4. Students will meet current state curriculum standards in English, mathematics, science, humanities, history, the arts, physical education, and health.
  5. Students will apply a variety of problem solving strategies demonstrating critical, reflective, and creative thinking.
  6. Students will exhibit leadership, collaboration, flexibility, and empathy in school activities.
  7. Students will understand and practice their rights and responsibilities as citizens and will participate in the democratic process and community service.
  8. Students will work to improve the school, the natural environment, and the global community.
  9. Students will develop healthy lifestyles, and treat themselves and all others with dignity and respect at all times.