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School Cancellations and Delays

We realize that delaying or canceling school can place an unexpected burden on families, however, the health and safety of our students must remain paramount. Delaying or canceling school is a serious decision, and the following document outlines the process:

1. Prior to a “weather event” and early in the morning of an event, we gather information from a variety of sources:

  • We contract with Roger Hill to provide regular updates and consultation, both prior to and on the morning of events.
  • We receive consultation and advice from NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).
  • We communicate, as appropriate, with the road crews and/or police departments for both Barre Town and Barre City, as well as our contracted transportation company and our own staff who are on the roads early.
  • We communicate with other school superintendents in the region to coordinate closing/delay decisions when it makes sense, realizing localized conditions and other factors may necessitate different decisions for different supervisory unions and districts.

2. Our goal is to have a decision made by 5:30 AM. This is not always possible, as there are many things happening quickly.

  • Most often, Roger Hill and NOAA make a recommendation and we follow it, as they get automatic input from many sources and have expertise that we do not. They consider what has happened, what is happening currently, and what is most likely to happen as the day goes on. It is rare that our own information does not align with their recommendation.
  • If the recommendations have not come out by 5:30 AM, we wait a little longer.
  • If we feel like we have information and circumstances that requires a different decision than the experts’ recommendations, we review everything again carefully before making that decision.

3. Once a decision is made to delay or close, we communicate in the following ways:

  • We initiate a “Call Em All” through the phone system.
  • We contact the media.
  • We send out an email to all staff.
  • We post on Facebook, Twitter, web pages, and phone greetings.
  • We contact the police and road crews.
  • We contact the food and transportation companies

Again, the decision to delay or cancel is extremely important for everyone’s safety. There is no guarantee that we can make the “correct” decision every time, but we do our absolute best. Please help us by being patient and understanding, and providing appropriate and constructive feedback.

At Spaulding High School, if a delay is most appropriate, morning block courses will not be held, the building will open for students at 9:30 AM, and first block will start at 9:40 AM.


John Pandolfo

Superintendent of Schools