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Principal's Newsletter

September 14, 2020

A Slight Schedule Modification | Attendance Update | Principal's Message | Picture Days

A Slight Schedule Modification

The hybrid schedule was based upon factors that we were anticipating, such as lengthy screening processes. We recognize that this has been confusing but overall it went well during the first week. There has been, however, confusion around the staggered times and the Blue and Crimson groups. To simplify this, and because we did not experience large clusters or wait time, we are slightly modifying our schedule - to be effective starting the week of September 14th.

7:20-7:35 Health Screenings for Band/Chorus/Phoenix 
7:35-8:15 Band and Chorus Classes

7:55 - 8:15 Health Screenings for Block Classes
8:20- 9:50 Block 1 (Mondays A-K & Tuesdays L-Z); Block 3 (Thursdays A-K & Fridays L-Z)
9:55 - 11:25 Block 2 (Mondays A-K & Tuesdays L-Z); Block 4 (Thursdays A-K & Fridays L-Z)

The rest of the schedule remains the same, including when students should be working independently and remotely.  This gives a consistent number of minutes to each face to face course and simplifies the color groups.

If you have questions about the schedule, please do not hesitate to contact Brenda Waterhouse at If you have questions about course expectations or what students should be working on during their remote time, please contact your student's teachers and/or school counselor. We know that the expectations for academics are far greater for students this fall than they were in the spring and we are here to help support students through these times. As a reminder, students are expected to engage in their learning, whether in person or remote, during regular school hours. Students will be expected to have approximately 30 hours of instruction and learning per week. This hybrid model allows for us to adjust as guidelines change.

Please visit our website for more information. As always, we encourage everyone to be safe!

Attendance Update

Some may have noticed some attendance codes that were not as expected. We are in the process of making our attendance codes clearly identify those students that are physically present (currently marked "present") separate from those attending remotely. We are currently having teachers use "tardy" in our system so that we can then go back and mark them as remotely present, an option that is currently not available. On Thursday, September 10th, some may have noticed 'XREM' - this was a glitch in the system when we were trying to create the remotely present coding. Be assured, that there are no ramifications for students.

We do hope to have a simplified and clearer system in another week or so. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Heather Stalling at if you have any questions about attendance.

Principal's Message

The first week of the 2020-21 school year has come and gone. Although our format with the hybrid schedule and health screenings was different from anything ever experienced before, the overall week went very well. Everyone was incredibly happy to see students in the building again, and many of our students expressed being glad to be back, even if it was begrudgingly! Our students crave the consistency and normalcy we once took for granted, and we look forward to when we will return to that.

As things are still changing, we recommend that you refer to our webpage for helpful information and frequently asked questions. Please see the tab located on the top that says "Fall 2020" for the most current information. Information about technology support and chromebooks is also available under "For Students and Parents" tab.

The Captain's Log is back! The (unofficial) official source of everything that is happening in Tide Nation has returned! Students and staff are encouraged to contribute to the daily editions as we strive to build community in the midst of social distancing. Each daily issue is emailed to students and staff every weekday morning. Questions or contributions regarding the Captain's Log may be sent to Mr. Ferland at

A reminder that Tuesday, September 15th is the last day for add/drop. Students interested in changing their schedules need to communicate with their school counselor for any such changes.

We encourage students to take a meal with them as they leave campus. Those working remotely can access meals at different locations throughout the community. All breakfast and lunch meals are free until the end of December. For more information about meals, please see the SHS Newsletter from September 9th or contact Ashley Young at

We continue to encourage our students to remain safe by remembering to socially distance, wear face coverings and to frequently wash their hands thoroughly. Thank you all for wearing your masks daily and appropriately. A reminder that masks need to be washed regularly in hot soapy water and dried thoroughly in a hot dryer. Returning to school is an opportunity to see friends and peers and we also know that some may be gathering outside of school. So, we want to make sure that students remember safety first!

Picture Days

Picture Days will take place next week (the week of September 21st) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Students who are scheduled to be in the building will go to the auditorium with their class to have their pictures taken during those four days.

Fully remote students who wish to have their picture taken should plan to come to the building between 12:00-2:00 on one of those four days. Fully remote students should enter the building at the auditorium entrance where they will be screened before entering for their picture. 

Questions regarding Picture Days should be directed to Mr. Ferland at