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Principal's Newsletter

April 8, 2020

A Message from the Principal | Continuous Learning Plan | Academic Achievement Honored

Quarter Four Courses | Explore Your Career Options Week - April 6-10, 2020

A Message from the Principal

Students, families and staff continue to adjust to our remote learning and physical distancing requirements. Although it is essential to be physically apart, we want to remind everyone that it doesn't require people to be in isolation. Talking to others via phone or virtual, like Zoom, are ways to connect with others while maintaining safe distances. We are encouraging connectivity through our Captain's Logs and Tide Pride: Covid-19 Edition, which include activities, communications and resources. It is also important to find ways to take care of oneself - going for walks, exercising, getting plenty of rest, maintaining a routine and eating well are very critical. Little things like taking a shower, getting dressed and making your bed are also good for your emotional well-being. Mental health is critical during these times. Please reach out to counselors for more information or support...

If there is an emergency, please call the Washington County Mental Health crisis line at (802) 229-0591.

I will continue to send out messages that contain information and resources. I also am always open to questions, comments and/or concerns being sent directly to me at I will do my best to respond to each matter brought to my attention.

We hope that our students and families remain well. Be safe!

Continuous Learning Plan

The Vermont Agency of Education (AoE) has required all schools to submit a Continuous Learning Plan (CLP). The focus of the plan includes health & safety, equity, relationships, remote learning,

student growth & feedback and faculty, staff, student and family expectations. This plan focuses on flexibility, approaching these next few months in ways we hadn't previously thought about and supporting our students through many challenges. As quickly as new information becomes available, we will continue to update our students and families.

Our schedule will continue to have weekly outlines of course expectations distributed on Mondays, and set office hours on Wednesdays from 9:30 - 12:00. Additional times may be set by teachers, for direct instruction or academic support. Students may also arrange appointments with individual teachers or counselors. A daily contact by students' advisors will also happen. We will use this daily contact to take attendance, a requirement of the state. If students do not respond to these contacts, additional efforts, including calls to parents, will be made.

Further information about CLP and other guidance distributed by the AoE may be found at the AoE website.

Academic Achievement Honored

In the early spring, we determine the valedictorian and salutatorian for the graduating class. This year, Valedictorian Elizabeth (Beth) Poirier edged out her fellow classmate Salutatorian Gavin Glosser by two ten-thousandths of a point!

Beth has been accepted at Arcadia University, UVM, Quinnipiac University, Clarkson University and the University of Maine, University of New England and Beaver College. She has decided upon Clarkson University, majoring in biology with a pre-physician assistant track.

Gavin has been accepted at UVM, Umass Amherst, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Rochester and State University of Binghamton. He has decided upon UVM, majoring in biomedical engineering.

Beth and Gavin are in good company, as ten of their peers have a cumulative GPA over 4.0. Over 30% of the senior class have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

We appreciate all of their hard work, dedication to their learning and progress towards achieving their dreams. We wish the class of 2020 all the best, and congratulations to Beth and Gavin for such outstanding performances.

Quarter Four Courses

Classes that were for Quarter Four only have been affected due to our move to remote learning. Mr. Hoffman, head of guidance, has emailed all students who were scheduled for Quarter Four classes, to provide them an update. Students should make sure to check their email and to respond back to him, if necessary. Mr. Hoffman can be contacted at with any questions about scheduling.

Explore Your Career Options Week - April 6-10, 2020

Right now is a great time to explore career options. A quick glance at any media source will give you a good picture of what jobs and careers are essential during a pandemic! From trades to technology to careers in Public Health, Health Care and Food Industry as well as in the National Guard, we are learning a lot about what careers are essential to providing citizens with basic needs, education, safety and security. Perhaps some of the careers you’ve learned about are interesting to you? Finding the career that’s right for you involves 3 basic steps:

Knowing yourself: Your interests, your abilities, your goals and personality

Knowing your career options: The fields and jobs that match who you are

Knowing your education and training options: What it takes to get there

Click on any of the links to learn more about the career field, or to explore your interests, abilities and goals and how they translate to possible careers. If you are interested in the trades, you can also explore what CVCC has to offer. If you are interested in Work-based Learning opportunities to gain experience in specific career fields, contact Michelle LaFrancis at or Jessie Carpenter at