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Principal's Newsletter

May 10, 2021

Message from the Principal | Vote for Teacher and Staff Person of the Year | Green Up Thank YouSupports for Students | 2021 Graduation | Attendance

Message from the Principal

We are now settling into our new schedule. It is so nice to see more students in the building and to have the increased energy! There have been many comments noting how much staff have appreciated seeing all of their students in person more and having the full class groups, and students are happy to see peers that they have not seen in person for some time. It really is an incredible feeling to have our school community making strides towards "normalcy".

We are continuing with AP testing over the next three weeks, and some make up testing for SBAC (Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium) and VTSA (Vermont Science Assessment). We appreciate everyone's support in completing the required testing, and we will be contacting individuals that have outstanding parts to complete.

We are in the process of planning for end of year activities, including graduation, summer school programs and for the 2021-2022 school year. The Barre 35 recovery plan is continuing to be developed, with some feedback from the Agency of Education. The progress with the district plan will continue to be shared with the school board on a regular basis. We appreciate all those that have contributed to the Design Team feedback and feedback for the Barre 35 recovery plan.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions to Brenda Waterhouse at Be safe, healthy and stay Tide strong!

Vote for Teacher and Staff Person of the Year

Many have expressed positive experiences with teachers, counselors and support staff over the course of the year. We are in the process of collecting any positive feedback. These comments are used to help us select our Spaulding High School Teacher and Staff Persons of the Year. Feedback from parents, students and colleagues will contribute to the final decision.

To submit an entry, please complete the attached form by Wednesday, May 12th. To provide feedback and vote for more than one teacher or staff person, please submit separate entries for each candidate.

Questions can be sent to Beth Bicknell at

Green Up Thank You

There were many individuals as well as groups that participated in the state-wide Green Up efforts on May 1st. Over 100 bags of garbage were collected by those participating through Spaulding High School and the SAFE Club. Thank you to everyone who participated in helping make our community look better.

Supports for Students

Progress reports will be available on May 10th. Academic alerts will be sent to parents of students that are not currently meeting expectations in one or more classes. As the end of the year approaches, students and parents grow increasingly concerned about student progress. We encourage students and parents to reach out to teachers and counselors with questions, concerns or when seeking support.

The Library Support, Student Support, and Student Services will continue to be available from 1-3 PM (with students being able to eat lunch after block 4 dismissal). Supports are assigned through school counselors, case managers, or other staff. Please contact Ry Hoffman at with any questions.

The study hall option continues to be offered for students that will need to remain after the dismissal. This is supervised, but will not have academic support. Students and families interested in this should contact Brenda Waterhouse at

2021 Graduation

Many have been inquiring about graduation and our graduation plans. Although we are continuing to finalize some of the details, we are planning on a "regular" graduation to be held on June 26th. The current plan is for graduation to be held outside on Pendo Field at 11 AM. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be moved to 3 PM. Plans are still being made if we are unable to hold graduation at either of those times.

Based upon current guidance, we will require all in attendance to wear face coverings, but we will not be limiting who may attend. This event will be open to family and community members, as we want to share in celebrating the Class of 2021.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on our plans, as they continue to be developed or as guidance may change. Questions may be sent to Brenda Waterhouse at


Students scheduled for in-person instruction are expected to attend daily, Monday through Friday, until the 12:15 dismissal. Students unable to attend (for example, because they do not meet health screening criteria), are encouraged to attend the remote session for their class (they will be marked TARDY and subsequently changed to REMP, meaning Remote Present). We also want to remind students that the start of AM Block is 7:35 and the start of Block 1 is 8:20 - students arriving after these times are late for their classes, so we want to encourage students to be on time for their learning.

Students scheduled for fully remote are expected to attend their lessons on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Some teachers will also hold synchronous lessons on Wednesdays (please see Google Classroom for individual teacher expectations). Students attending remotely will be marked TARDY and subsequently changed to REMP, meaning Remote Present, as they have been all year. Students not attending their class meeting will be marked ABSENT. On Wednesdays, if the student is not expected to attend a synchronous lesson, they will be marked EXS, Excused per Schedule.

When students are too sick to attend or have appointments requiring early dismissal or late to school, we encourage parents to contact the school at 476-4811 ext. 1122.

Attendance is a critical factor in student success. All students are expected to be available for learning during the school day.