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Principal's Newsletter

May 20, 2020

A Message from the Principal A Message for SeniorsProgress Reports | Aspirations Update
Student Property Left At School | Memorial Day Message

A Message from the Principal

As the beautiful weather leads us into a long weekend, we want to remind students and parents that this is a holiday weekend, and students are not expected to check in on Monday.  Memorial Day is a day honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.  We usually have parades and gatherings to recognize our veterans, current military and the memories of those that have passed.  Although the parades and gatherings may be tempered, our appreciation is not.  Many thanks to those that have served or are currently serving in our military forces.

Please have a wonderful and safe weekend!

A Message for Seniors

Although this may not have been the way our seniors expected to finish their final days at SHS, we know that they are resilient and standing tall with Tide Pride.  We are working with our seniors in finishing those final projects, meeting the remaining standards and preparing for our last few days "together".  Many efforts are being made to make these days as special as we can, as we know that our seniors are missing the traditionality of typical senior events.

Ways we are celebrating our seniors are:

  • The Barre Partnership will line main street with banners of our seniors - each graduate's picture on its own banner.
  • A student created video will be shared with all seniors.  The video would have been part of the Baccalaureate Ceremony.  The video highlights pictures of graduates throughout their years in various contexts and one that is always a touching experience.  Seniors and their parents can submit up to 10 photos to by Thursday, May 28th.
  • A display in the former Homer Fitts building store front entitled "Honoring the Past and Celebrating the Future" will highlight our seniors along with SHS memorabilia from the many years of it's existence (it is the oldest continuously named high school in Vermont!). 
  • Natalie Soffen, Athletic Director, is arranging a special newsletter highlighting our senior athletes.  
  • A graduation ceremony will be held for each graduate.  There will be two options for graduates - one will be for the graduate to receive their diploma and gift at Spaulding High School (at the SHS Auditorium doors) or to have the diploma and gift delivered to them by administration.   Either option is private and for the individual student and their family.
  • The option to be held at SHS will have the graduate arrive with their family (one car per graduate) outside our auditorium, where the student will exit their car, walk to receive their diploma and turn their tassel and have their picture taken.  
  • The option to have the home delivery is for families that can not attend the individual ceremony at SHS.  We would encourage the graduate to wear their cap and gown, be presented with their diploma, turn their tassel and have their picture taken - just as they would if they were to attend at SHS.   
  • Aspirations, working with SHS, is creating a virtual graduation video - each senior will have pictures shared; speeches, the class song and a special message will be included.  The video will be made live at 11 AM on June 20th for all to view on our school website.  We encourage students, families and community members to sign in at that time to share in the experience.  The link will be available on our website over the summer, so that it may be viewed multiple times and/or at the convenience of families. 

Seniors will be receiving more detail about signing up for a particular time for their graduation ceremony the week of June 1st.  The pictures of graduates will be later shared out.  We are saddened that our graduation ceremony can not include all of those that would like to participate and view, but this aligns with the safety guidance put out by the Agency of Education and Governor Scott.

Progress Reports

Thursday, May 28th will be the final progress report for the 2019-20 school year. We know that remote learning has posed many challenges for our students, families and staff, but we want to encourage our students to persevere through these last few weeks. If there are any questions about student progress or if there is need for support, we encourage our students and parents/guardians to reach out to teachers and/or counselors. We also want to remind students and parents/guardians that students still need to meet the amended proficiencies and standards in order to earn course credits, so please reach out if support is needed or there are questions.

The final day of school for students will be June 12th. All coursework and community service documentation (for seniors) must be submitted by 3 PM on June 12th. Seniors need to return materials, texts and uniforms by June 15th, as well as pay any outstanding expenses - including the purchase of chromebooks. If purchasing the chromebook, please contact Jan Trepanier via the to ensure that the owner settings are transferred.

Aspirations Update

Aspirations is currently setting up a Virtual Advancement Grant Workshop for SHS students on June 2nd.  Michelle LaFrancis is working with Aspirations on the planning of this workshop. Attached is the flyer.  Please contact Ms. LaFrancis at if you have questions about the workshop or would like to sign up.

VSAC has created numerous videos to support college and career planning and is updating their website weekly with the latest college and career planning resources.  Please check out the VSAC website for college and career planning, workshops and more!

Student Property Left At School

We will be preparing our school building for summer cleaning and projects. In doing so, we will be inevitably finding student property in lockers and classrooms. If we are able to identify who the property belongs to (for example, from a locker), we will be in contact to have students retrieve their property. If students are aware of having property in the building, please call the main office at 476-4811 ext. 1122 and leave a message that identifies the name, property and where the property may be. We will do our best to arrange the return of student belongings. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have students enter the building to retrieve their property or to look for them.

Memorial Day Message

From the conclusion of President George Bush's Memorial Day Address 2006 at the Arlington National Cemetery: "Our nation is free because of brave Americans who volunteer to confront our adversaries abroad so we do not have to face them here at home. Our nation mourns the loss of our men and women in uniform; we will honor them by completing the mission for which they gave their lives -- by defeating the terrorists, by advancing the cause of liberty, and by laying the foundation of peace for a generation of young Americans. Today we pray that those who lie here have found peace with their Creator, and we resolve that their sacrifice will always be remembered by a grateful nation". 

Sergeant First Class Dan Boone (Retired) is one of our JROTC instructors and noted that the speech is incredibly meaningful to him "because he [President Bush] talks about a Vermonter and friend of mine who was killed during our tour together in Iraq". Along with Sergeant Boone's connection, we know that many of our families are touched by those that have served and we are incredibly grateful.