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Principal's Newsletter

June 8, 2020

A Message from the Principal A Message for SeniorsSummer Reading |
Burdett Awards - Quarter 4 | A Message from Natalie Soffen, Athletic Director

A Message from the Principal

Our final week for students and student work is upon us.  We continue to encourage our students to finish strong.   Please contact teachers and/or counselors in regards to any questions about academics.  No student work will be accepted after 3 PM on Friday, June 12th, so it is very important that students verify with their teachers any outstanding work that they need to complete.  Final grades will be posted in IC by Friday, June 19th.  If you have difficulty accessing IC, please contact Anna Ryan at

We will be sending surveys to students, parents and staff requesting feedback and information about our remote learning experience soon.  We always  are looking for ways to improve our system and grow from what we have learned.  All feedback is greatly appreciated.

We will continue to send messages out throughout the summer, as guidance becomes available from Governor Scott and the Agency of Education (AoE).  There are still many unknowns as we plan for the 2020-21 school year.  We are incredibly anxious to be back at Spaulding and face to face with our students.  Until then, please be safe!

A Message for Seniors

Our  final week of student days is upon us.   There have been many emotions, especially during our remote learning weeks, and we are so happy and proud of all that has been accomplished during these weeks.  The perseverance, resilience and positivity that many of you have shown through this difficult  time is amazing.  Challenges in life make us stronger - and you should know that you have it within you to overcome the challenges yet to come.

For some, however, there are still a few challenges to tackle before leaving SHS!  All learning tasks and assessments/reassessments need to be completed by 3 PM on June 12th, as well as having completed your community service and the documentation.  If you need support, please reach out to your teacher(s) and/or counselors.  We want all of you to be part of the Graduating Class of 2020.

WCAX will continue with their tributes to seniors, and SHS will be featured.  We anticipate that the feature will be aired Friday, June 12th.

Seniors and their parents should have received an email about the individual graduation ceremony, including how to sign up for the individual graduation ceremony.  The ceremonies will be on June 17th and 18th from 8 AM to 6 PM and June 19th 8 AM to 11 AM.  If you have questions about the sign up, please contact Beth Bicknell,  If you are unable to attend the ceremony at SHS, please contact Brenda Waterhouse at for a delivery ceremony.  The delivery ceremonies will be on June 19th between 1 PM and 5 PM.  Each graduate will have two cars that can attend to observe the graduate having their name called, walk across the stage, have a few words shared to commemorate the event, accept their diploma and turn their tassel, followed by photographs.

The virtual graduation video link will be shared on our website at 11 AM on June 20th. The video includes the student speeches and class song, along with other elements of our traditional graduation.  I encourage everyone to watch together and help celebrate our seniors, even if it is while physically distancing.

Summer Reading

Due to COVID-19/remote learning, SHS will not be able to distribute materials for our summer reading book group program.   We still value reading, and your English teachers strongly encourage you to read the equivalent of at least one book over the summer.   We encourage you to checkout to see what resources are available in either physical books, digital books, or audio books.  Requests for books to be signed out of the library need to be made by June 12th.  To make a request, please contact our librarian, Christine Smith, at

Burdett Awards - Quarter 4

The following Spaulding High School students were recognized with the Robert M. Burdett Memorial Award.   Teachers and staff nominated students in one of the following categories:  Good Citizen, Unsung Hero, Exceptional Growth/Improvement, and/or Exceptional Perseverance/Resilience.   These students help build our school community and should be commended on their recognition.

Freshmen:  Paige Allen, Riley Fleury, Kathryn Harding, Alysha Hull, Claire Isabelle, Omar LaBay, Lily LaCroix, Ella Lewis, Abigail Lindhiem,  Rebecca McKelvey, Alaina Rueda, Chandler Wallin, and Charlotte Young.  Sophomores:  Madison Ashe, Ethan Bernier, Emma Blaisdell, Logan Bristow, Christian Day, Landen Farnham, Cydney Ferrer, Julia Fewer, Abrianna Gould, Caleb Huntington, Jonathan Jesmonth, Payton Lamberti, Emily Morris, Jake Picard, Emily Poulin, Lexie Royce, Kelly Sanders, Alyson Savoie, and Abbigail Smith.  Juniors:  Jacob Allen, Paige Bristow, Emma Cushman, Jake Darling, Allison Everett, Isabelle Fischer, Rachel Forlow, Theresa Hoar, Eamon Hogan, Anthony Ingalls, Benjamin  Isabelle, Camden Kelley, Carson King, Savannah Light, Amina Malagic, Kiana Martin, Conner Neddo, Willem Pontbriand, David Poulin, Nathan Romeo, Anna Sancibrian, Jenna Sawyer, and Jasmine Sayah. Seniors:  Caleb Burns, Jack Dodd, Gavin Glosser, Grace Hardaker, Madison Henderson, Grace Parsons, Elizabeth Poirier, and Kaelyn Shannon.

A Message from Natalie Soffen, Athletic Director

When I left Spaulding back in 2000, I never thought I would be back in Vermont, let alone at my old high school. As I continued my next journey I found myself talking about my hometown and my home state. I found a greater appreciation for the place that helped make me who I am. While pregnant with my 2nd child, I came to realize I wanted to raise my children back in Vermont. The job search began, what I knew, was that I wanted to be an Athletic Director, why? I love sports and I love kids; it is a different way for me to be a teacher. Sadly for me, the AD position at Spaulding was not open. I had to look elsewhere, and I found a nice fit at Peoples Academy, but still, I kept my family in Barre. My kids were happy here and so was I. I traveled 2 hours every day for 7 years. During those 7 years, if I was not at PA covering a game, I was at Spaulding supporting my Alma Mater and my community. Then, one day, I got a message saying "the Spaulding AD position is open;" it was a no brainer. Spaulding was the dream, not only for my family but for me. My first day, as cliche as it is, it felt like I was home. The place I was meant to be. During the fall sports meeting, I was nervous but excited. I have prided myself to get to know my students and allow them to get to know me; I love making connections. Face it, we see so much of each other, I see them as part of my family. What made my transition to Spaulding so great? The faculty, staff, and our students. Everyone accepted me and made me feel like I had never left. Everywhere I went I got flashbacks from when I was in HS, and it brought back so many great memories. I don't regret leaving after HS, that too, helped me grow as a person. Just remember, Barre and SHS will always welcome you home.

To the seniors: I am grateful that I was able to be a part of your senior year. I loved getting to know you, I just wish I had more time with you. You have represented your school and community very well and I don't doubt you will continue to do so in your next adventure. I hope to see you at future SHS events, and reach out to me if you ever need anything. Please enjoy the senior athletic slideshow.