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Principal's Newsletter

January 2020

Call Back - January 17th | Second Semester - January 21stCommunity Forum

2020-2021 Planning | Spring SATs / ACTs | Scholarships | Veggie Van Go - Expanded Time!

Call Back - January 17th

All semester and quarter classes will have a final submission deadline of January 16th.  Teachers will then determine those students that will be eligible for Call Back Day (January 17th).  To be eligible, students must be close to meeting proficiency in the course, must have attended all required Office Hours for that course and must have made appropriate progress on PAS (Plan for Academic Success) for the course, if a PAS had been previously required.  Students that had not been previously required to attend Office Hours or complete a PAS need only meet the criteria for being close to meeting proficiency.  The Call Back Day is intended for students to demonstrate proficiency within a 75-minute block; not spend hours trying to recover a semester’s worth of standards.  This is not intended to be a pressured time, but rather, a final opportunity for those students that have worked hard throughout the course and are close to proficiency.  

Although the philosophy of proficiency allows students extended learning time and strives to have all students demonstrate proficiency on standards, we are also trying to hold students accountable for continuing to do their work when assigned and not procrastinate in their learning efforts.  This is why we have implemented the PAS system and the Call Back time as we have.

Parents and guardians will receive an email from their student’s teachers indicating if the student is invited to attend Call Back Day or not.  An email for either case will be sent by each teacher.  Questions about student progress should be directed to the individual teachers, but counselors can also be contacted for assistance.

Second Semester - January 21st

Second semester schedules will be printed and provided to all students on January 21st.  These will be distributed during Block 1 classes, and there will be lists posted in the Main Lobby, outside the School Counseling Office and in the Auditorium Lobby indicating where each student’s first block class is located.

Students may schedule an appointment with their school counselor to make changes to their schedule.  The add/drop period will end at the end of the day on Monday, January 27th.  We encourage parents and guardians to discuss student choices of courses with their students as well as with their school counselors.  We offer a variety of course offerings and learning opportunities and encourage all students to take full advantage of their learning and explore areas of interest.

Community Forum

The community forums are held on the first Tuesday of each month – which will be January 7th.  Due to feedback and survey information about time of day forums are held, the forum will be 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM in the Cafeteria.  This is a change in time.  Light refreshments will be available.

Our topic for discussion for this month will be about Boosters – supporting all teams and clubs.  Suggestions for future topics are always welcome and may be submitted to Jim Ferland, Assistant Principal, at

2020-2021 Planning

Although we are less than half way through the 2019-2020 school year, we are well under way with the 2020-2021 planning.  We are reviewing our current course offerings and considering student interests and needs to be best prepared for college and career readiness in preparing our 2020-2021 Program of Studies. The Program of Studies will be made public in early February, and the School Counseling Department will be holding registration meetings with students, as follows:

  • Class of 2021:  February 18th – February 21st; March 4th – March 6th
  • Class of 2022:  March 9th – March 13th
  • Class of 2023:  March 16th – March 20th
  • Class of 2024:  March 23rd – March 26th (held at Barre City on the 23rd & 24th; at Barre Town on the 25th & 26th)

Parents and guardians are invited to attend these meetings, either in person or via phone.  Please reach out to your students’ school counselor to express interest in participating in the appointment, so that counselors can schedule appointments appropriately.

Please note that students interested in applying to CVCC (Central Vermont Career Center) must submit their applications to the School Counseling office by Tuesday, January 7th.  For more information, please contact your student’s school counselor.

Spring SATs / ACTs

Spaulding High School is one of the area schools to host the SATs and ACTs.  The next SAT testing to be held at SHS will be on March 14th.  Students need to register no later than February 14th to avoid late registration fees.  Registration for the SATs takes place through and is recommended for all prospective college-bound juniors.  The next ACT testing to be held at SHS will be on April 4th.  Students need to register for the ACT through no later than February 28th.  

Students and families are responsible for the fees, but scholarships are available for those with financial needs.  Please contact Ry Hoffman, Head of School Counseling, at for more information or for support in the registration process.


Seniors considering college or post-secondary programs should apply for our in-house scholarships.  Spaulding High School is fortunate to have the SHS Scholarship Trust that manages generous donations for the benefit of our students’ post-secondary aspirations.  Students can not be considered for scholarship if they do not apply, however!  

Applications will be available January 31st and are due by April 10th and will be available on our school website at   Questions about the scholarship application process can be directed to John Lewis at or Ry Hoffman at

Veggie Van Go - Expanded Time!

We are excited to welcome Veggie Van Go to Spaulding!  Fresh produce and vegetables will be made available to any students and parents from 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM on the third Tuesday of each month.  

Last month, we had potatoes, apples and cabbage – all free for the taking.  Unfortunately, we do not know in advance what produce and fruit will be available, but we encourage families to stop by in the morning and grab the fresh options, along with learning about recipes incorporating such options.   Parking will be identified near the entrance of Pendo Field, and there is a short walk to the exterior of the cafeteria.  If there are questions or handicap needs, please feel free to contact Brenda Waterhouse, Principal, at for more details.