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Interact clubs bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Students find out how serious leadership can be seriously fun.  Students take action to make a difference in their school and community, as well as become a leader.

In our local Interact club, we have several projects that we focus on, such as: 

lincoln house

Lincoln House
We make a strong effort to go up to the Lincoln House in Barre every Thursday.  The Lincoln House is an Assisted Living Home for the elderly that loves having students come visit.  The elders love to do different activities that get them moving, or just fill their time with something interesting.  Every week we like to play a game with residents, or do something creative.  Many like to play bingo if they can’t decide.

Socks For The Homeless
This project was started when we noticed that there are many people in Barre who are living without a home, and don’t have good socks to keep their feet warm.  There is a policy with both the Darn Tough Sock Company and Smart Wool Socks that if there is any wear or tear in the sock you can return it for a free new pair.  Many of these socks are still in good condition, and just need a little darning.  Our hope is to get as many socks darned as we possibly can and get them to the members of our community who are less fortunate. Local business, Lenny’s Shoe and Apparel donated all these socks to Interact and continues to do so today.

Bottle Drop
Every Monday, Interact students who signed up for that day work a bottle drop at the student drop-off area. Parents can bring in their used bottles, and we will return them.  The money raised goes toward different events that we want to put on, and back into the greater community in any way we can help. 

i matter you matter

I Matter You Matter
I Matter You Matter Day is a very important day.  It’s a day to celebrate everyone in a community, and to make people feel loved.  What we want to do on this day is pass around buttons that say I matter you matter to random people in the school.  This will help send the message to do acts of kindness in school, and to help promote positivity in the school.